Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gambling is an Effective Method to Prevent Problems

Responsible gambling is a complex of initiatives adopted by the top Canadian casinos and based on the social responsiveness. They are focused on the integrity and fairness of the gambling operations and the awareness of adverse consequences associated with gambling, such as ludomania.

Features of the Social Responsibility Initiatives in Canada

All the incentives have the following features.

  • Protection of the vulnerable gamblers.
  • Safety measures against underage gambling.
  • Prevention of the criminal activities.
  • Creation of a secure gambling environment

The importance of such measures is understood by the Canadian government, vendors, gaming control boards and operators.

Responsible Gambling Age Policy in Canada

The legal age of people to sign up and play at any of the Canadian casinos is 18. Gambling for the persons under 18s is strictly forbidden. It is strongly suggested that special software should be used to block gaming websites from any underage persons. Never leave children unattended around computers while the gambling website is in use.

Signs of the Problem and the Canadian Organizations Which Can Help

The gambler should assess the situation fairly and call it like it. Look at the following checklist which can help recognize the problem.

  • You spend more time gambling instead of working or studying.
  • Gambling became the reason of your inner discomfort, suicidal thoughts, or insomnia.
  • Your debts or financial difficulties are associated with gambling.
  • If you win, you wish to play again and win much more and this is the main Responsible gambling issue.
  • If you lose, you feel like winning back.
  • Gambling become your escape from stress and worries.
  • You are ready to sell anything to finance the gambling.

If you respond positively to any of the above-mentioned points, you have a problem. You may seek assistance by contacting one of the Canadian organizations below

If you see you have a problem, always ask for help and advice. Remember that gambling should bring only positive feelings to your life.

How Can Gamblers Protect Themselves within the Responsible Gambling Policy?

There are also a few methods which can help the players.

  • Lock your account for a 6-month period. The self-exclusion request can be made by the gambler or the third party.
  • Lock your account for a 24-hour or 7-day cool-off period. As soon as you’ve dealt with the problem, contact the casino to unlock the account.
  • Set the deposit limits and monitor the amounts you spend within a given period.
  • Lock the account for a predetermined period. It will be unlocked automatically as soon as it passes.

Always remember that gambling always involves some risk which could result in a loss, and this could be destructive if not kept under control.